Dr. Jonnis Introduction

      Dr. Jonni Yeomans has accomplished being a National Colorist and Platform Artist for Sebastian, Redken, and John Paul Mitchell Systems since 1987. Jonni’s™ is a 100% John Paul Mitchell System focus salon (environmentally focused) with philanthropic causes from Environmental Protection for Children’s charities and human rights. Jonni’s™ has achieved three National awards with Contessa: Canadian Hairdressing Awards 2016, 2017, and 2023. We have also achieved two International Beauty Awards out of New York City in 2019. We are honoured to receive the “Global Excellence Award” from the UK for 2024.

      Winning first place in January 2023 for the John Steinberg Community Service Award, focusing on bringing awareness to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls with the Indigenous Voice of Fashion Show at Moccasin Square Gardens T’Kemlups. Dr. Jonni Yeomans has built nine successful salons over forty years. She received her doctorate in Apostolic Leadership and Theology in 2023 and was commissioned as an Apostolic Global Leader in April 2024.

      The Salons are registered with Beauty Council Western Canada, and Beauty Safe Certified. They are Mac-Pro Cosmetics Artistry trained, John Paul Mitchell Barbering trained, as well the Salons are ITA Sponsor Certified Nationally. Dr. Jonni Yeomans’s vision as a lifetime learner and student, teacher and National and International Award-winning Influencer in the Beauty Industry focuses on all aspects of business, Social, Human, Natural and Financial Capital, creating an atmosphere of mentoring by establishing “Jonni’s Red Seal Academy,” giving back to the First Peoples of the land, positively impacting our planet and growing leaders for multiple Indigenous communities in the beauty industry. Taking success and empowering the next generation of future professionals with forty years of valuable, proven success.

      “Such businesses will be those who grasp that business can simultaneously drive both profits and more comprehensive mutual benefits for people and the planet by understanding and managing these multiple forms of Capital” (Roche, Jakub, 2017, p. 160).

       Intergrading Social Capitalism, Human Capitalism, and Natural Capitalism as a teacher, mentor, and influencer always brings excellent success and incredible personal rewards with benefits in financial Capitalism.

      As a teacher, Dr Jonni appreciates Stephen Brookfield’s statement in The Skillful Teacher: “Making full disclosure of my expectations and agendas is necessary if I am to establish an authentic presence in the classroom” (Brookfield, 2015, p.9). These are some of Dr. Jonni’s personal values, truths,  and reflections as an influencer, mentor and educator.


Author Dr. Jonni Yeomans                                                       


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