Introduction to Abra Yeomans

       Abra Yeomans is in her twenty-ninth year of life and is based in the Okanagan. She lived in Kamloops for the younger part of her life before moving down to the coast for her middle and elementary school years, where her teaching journey began.

      Since a very young age, Abra has always had a hunger for knowledge and the need to share that knowledge with others.  In grade school, she was a peer TA and tutor and enjoyed teaching those younger than her. Once she turned sixteen, she began working at the pools in her community of Sardis and Chilliwack. She worked not only as a lifeguard, a swim lesson and aquafit instructor but also as a personal trainer. She gained experience with many different learning types and teaching ages ranging from two to sixty-seven. She was also a competitive dancer around the Lower Mainland; she loved helping those around her in class, helping her studio mates prepare for examinations, or with the small classes with performances.  Pouring back into those around her and helping them grow has always been a passion for Abra. Working and teaching in her family’s business since a young age, being in the salon “Jonni’s” has always been a second home for her. 

      Once Abra graduated from high school, she and her family relocated from the coast to the Interior of BC and resettled back in Kamloops. At this point in her life, when she was finding her career path, she decided to stop working with the city pools and pursue her happiness. Being a Fourth-generation stylist in Kamloops and having loved doing hair since she was a young girl, Abra continued her schooling and worked towards her national licensing for Canada. 

      Upon completing a three-year program in eighteen months, she continued with advanced training, going to hair shows in Las Vegas and Vancouver and training with Nationally renowned and viral makeup artists and Internationally famous Barbers to further her skills and knowledge in her trade. She has since been working as a Master stylist and colorist, Barber, National and International Award winning model and MUA, continually entering competitions Nationally and Internationally for her industry. 

      Striving for excellence in all her projects, she seeks out the newest products and trends to better serve her clients and create an experience that is always a Cut Above.

      Having worked professionally in her industry for over a decade, Abra is ready to take her growth to the next step and start pouring back into our next generation of stylists. 

      With this next period of life, Abra steps into being a new mom and entering her thirties. Seeing what is happening in our industry and how many people are taking advantage of our young professionals, she is excited to begin training and creating a new “Red Seal Standard” for our trade. She is building a school with her family to empower and uplift the next generation. This will give them the skills not only to pass tests but also to succeed and soar in their career journey. With not only the schooling but also the opportunity to be part of the “Jonni’s” Mentorship program and have support with their business after school as well, it is truly such an amazing opportunity. This passion project has been in the works for quite some time, and enrolling into the The Professional Practice course through VCC is the first stepping stone to making that goal a reality! 

Abra looks forward to applying the knowledge and skills she has gained throughout this program to her classroom and everyday life. 

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